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Q: How will the Cougar Football Project be funded?
A: The project will be privately funded through donations, premium seating revenue and increased revenue provided by the recently completed Pac-12 television contract. The contract goes into effect beginning with the 2012-13 academic year. When fully occupied, the club seats, loge boxes and luxury suites are expected to bring in more than $3 million annually in net revenues at current projected price levels. No state appropriated funds will be used to fund this project.

Q: How many seats are in the premium seating area?
A: Approximately 1,900 seats occupy the premium seating area, including 21 luxury suites (four, 24-person; nine, 18-person; and eight, 12-person), 42 loge boxes (27, four-person and 15, six-person) and approximately 1,300 club seats (1,200 outdoor and 100 indoor).

Q: What happens if I have already paid a deposit for a premium seat under the old renovation plan?
A: Your premium seat purchase will remain as you initially intended, including your spot in line for seating priority. All individuals who committed to premium seats on or before the December 18, 2009 deadline will be seated prior to any purchasers after that date.

Q: What is the process for premium seating sales?
A: A deposit will be required to reserve club seats -- $300 per club seat, $1,000 per loge box and $5,000 for a luxury suite. There are two ways to reserve your seat: either fill out the online form on the website or download the brochure from the site and send it back to the CAF office.