Premier league general info

In the history of the traditional English drink – tea – and the traditional English game – football – a lot in common not long ago, FIFA President Joseph Blatter made a rather unexpected statement P. According to him, football started playing in China in the 2-3 millenniums BC e., then this game went to Egypt, Greece, Italy, France, and only then did this game get to England. But, just as the usual tea was taken out of Chinese saplings by the British in the Indian province of Assam, a colony of the British Empire, real football also originated in England. on a field two kilometers long. It was in England until the middle of the 19th century that from chaotic mass race lists with the ball they proceeded to form football teams that competed with each other on specially equipped grounds. The history of football in England is full of dramatic turns. Roman legionnaires brought ball game to the British Isles. For a long time it was considered pagan fun and was not approved by the church. Many English monarchs were persecuted with the ball and their members.

English Premier League features

Until recently, the English Premier League was leading in Europe and around the world. First, the Championship of England shifted the Championship of Spain, and then the Championship of Germany, which is confirmed by the UEFA coefficients. Despite this, the English Premier League is the most popular league in the world. Many football players tend to play in Albion. It’s not so much about lucrative contracts, but about professional growth and winning the highest standard medals. Each match attracts millions of fans, who put up to € 1 billion for a single event. The total audience of the audience at the TV reaches 5 billion per season.

Premier League tournament format

Every year in the English Premier League compete 20 teams that meet each other twice – at home and away. Champions League gets the first quarter. The 5th and 6th positions are selected for the Europa League. The three, closing the table, is sent to the league below – Championship. Who more often won the championship of England (as of 2017):

  • Manchester United – 20 wins;
  • Liverpool – 18 wins;
  • Arsenal London – 13 victories.

Interesting facts about the English Premier League

  1. Only 4 teams won the championship three times in a row: Huddersfield, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United, with the latter doing it twice.
  2. In the entire history of the Premier League (since its foundation in 1992), 46 different clubs took part in the tournament, but only 6 of them took first place: Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Blackburn and Leicester.
  3. Most of all seasons played Everton – 110 championships.
  4. London Arsenal 89 seasons did not go to the Championship (from 1919 to our days).
  5. More than all victories to a row at Arsenal – 14.
  6. Derby County in the 2007/08 season just won 3 points.
  7. Chelsea footballers earned the most points during the season – 95 points out of 114 possible (2004/05 season).
  8. Record win-win series on the account of Arsenal – 49 rounds (2003-2004).
  9. More than all matches in the English Premier League played midfielder Manchester United Ryan Giggs – 660 (from 1991 to 2014).
  10. The leader in the number of goals scored – Jimmy Greaves (357 goals for 516 fights).
  11. The team record for goals for the season belongs to Aston Villa – 128 (season 1930/31).
  12. The most devastating victory – 12: 0. With this score, opponents defeated West Bromwich and Nottingham Forest.
  13. The biggest draw is 6: 6. This happened twice: in the match between Lester and Arsenal in 1930, and then 30 years later in a duel between Charlton and Middlesbrough.
  14. The greatest number of goals in one meeting – 14 (the duel of the 1891/92 season between Aston Villa and Accrington ended with a score of 12: 2).
  15. Chelsea won a record number of winnings for the season – 29 victories.

Not childish! How English Premier League Clubs Earn at Children

Hardly anyone will dispute the fact that it is the English Premier League – the most commercially developed league. Crowded stadiums, armies of fans around the world, an incredible demand for paraphernalia, sponsors who are ready to cut their throats in order to conclude contracts with clubs – this is the current English football. And the recently signed record-breaking television contract for showing English football makes it possible to speak boldly – they know how to earn money in the English Premier League.

However, access to such vast financial resources does not mean at all that club managers are idle and count their incredible incomes in mind. The work of commercial departments for making money does not subside, and many of them are extremely resourceful in this matter. For example, they actively earn on children’s interest in football.